TAO Badass Review- My Honest Opinion

TAO Badass Review- My Honest Opinion

Todd, here

Thanks for checking out my blog, what attracts women dot org. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a honest opinion of “TAO Badass” program. First, I would like to mention that I was able to instantly attract women and get laid in a short period of time by following this system put together by the relationship expert, Josh Pellicer

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The Tao of Badass Review – Does the Program Work?

Does the Tao of Badass work? We know it has sold hundreds of thousand copies in over 30 different countries with an almost non-existent refund request rate. Josh’s official site is loaded with testimonials describing the benefits users have experienced with using this system, but we always like to dig a little deeper. We went and had a look at what the the PUA (Pick Up Artist) forums had to say about the product, and the comments are very complimentary.

Here is one by a highly respected PUA member (PUA all star status) called T-Mal:

Personally, I consider it one of the best things I read & it helped me more than I thought it could/would. It’s not gonna teach you about “pickup”… but it WILL teach you about being confident & alpha. As long as you apply the knowledge. There’s sooooo much geared towards relationship psychology, which I found to be very useful.

JALeffel says

I bought it. I like it. I think Josh breaks down a lot of things really well. Plus, there’s a lot of great bonuses available.

One comment said that it was appropriate for “total beginners” and not so much for PUA “Pros “, but then an experienced PUA called AstroBoy said in another thread,

… I recently read the Tao of Badass and would like to let you all know that the system is solid! Made more sense to me than 99% of all the other material out there and is a great addition to my arsenal.

We did not find any evidence that anyone had tried it and found it ineffective.

Considering The Tao of Badass has become popular solely through word of mouth and internet buzz, pickup artists themselves highly recommend it, and the material in the course is sold research and proven to work in a large majority of cases, we believe this product does what it says it does.

The Tao of Badass Download – Dislikes

We know that marketing in general requires vendors to propose their system is a total “rinse and repeat”. This is true in part because interaction patterns do repeat themselves, however we also know that human beings are COMPLEX creatures (especially women) and even the most simple system when applied to a complex entity, becomes complex itself.

There are many variables involved, starting from what each person has experienced that very day, that will influence the outcome of the interaction and so we consider this oversimplification sales hype.

Also, between the e-book, the bonus reports, the audio commentary, the cheat sheats, the flow charts and the 5 week body language program the material is indeed an awful lot to get through. Should you decide to order this material, then be aware that you will have to invest time and effort in getting through it all! On the one hand it surely provides excellent value for money, but on the other hand its not ideal for people with a busy schedule or who are looking for some quick tips.

The Tao of Badass e-book includes:

The full set of sexual triggers
The 4 step process women use when deciding to sleep with you
The 3 step test women subconsciously put you through
Early signs that she is putting you on “friend zone” and how to reverse them
Strategy and method to keep a woman from cheating on you
Step by step process of falling in love for women
Reading her body language and eye movements to know what she is thinking
Attractive body language, positive body language and dominant body language
How to speak to her emotions to make her feel attracted to you
Foolproof method to stop “saying the wrong things”
Flow chart – step by step visual guide for successful interaction
How to approach women to create immediate attraction

There is also lifetime support included as a member
Bonus Reports:

Dating Multiples Report – Guide to dating multiple women and have them love you for it. Ways to avoid cheating and lying and eliminate jealousy
Cheat Proof yourself Report – A method for ensuring that she has eyes for you only
Escaping the “Friend Zone” – Advanced techniques
Guide to Breaking up Report – How to do it without causing pain and suffering and being able to stay friends.

Lifetime access to Tao, Members only Private Community
Bonus Goodies:

Module 1 of the “Hacking attraction” course
Audio commentary to the main book
Discover you skills – Program – tests to discover in which of the 4 super skill sets you belong and how to use them to your advantage
Banter cheat sheet – what to say when you walk up to her

Lifetime access to banter cheat sheet updates
Bonus Programs:

World renowned 5 week body language mastery course (the author claims that this is one of the most effective programs ever discovered for turning women on)

The Tao of Badass Free Pdf Download – Beware, beware!

Yes there ARE free PDF downloads, but bear in mind the following:

Often they are not the real thing! Mostly they are phony material put together so that you will download a cookie onto your computer during the book download!
Even if you do find the genuine PDF’s available for free download, you will never become a real alpha male from the PDFs alone. After reading the PDFs we quickly realized that without access to the members area, which gives you access to a very active forum where you can ask questions and talk to other PUA’s, and access to the videos from Joshua that are must watch, you’re missing out on critical support and information. Plus, you can also get answers to your questions directly from Joshua Pellicer, himself. Access to the members area is critical to The Tao of Badass program.

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In the end I like to say that after reading this guide I must say I am truly impressed with the information and knowledge I get from this guide. This guide covers lots of important topics which make dating easy. This is perfect guide for guys that struggling to get their dream girl. The skills and tips this guide teaches not only help in getting dream girl but it also help in many different aspects of life.



Todd P

How to make out with a girl in 40 seconds or less – for real

How to make out with a girl in 40 seconds or less – for real

If you’ve ever seen a guy in a bar walk up to a girl he didn’t know and make out with her almost immediately, it can be a completely mind-blowing experience. It may seem like it’s magical or out of reach – a special ability or super-power that someone is born with.

But it’s not. And it can be broken down into a few simple steps you can follow in order to make the same thing happen for you. In this article, I’m going to break down those steps.

The first step is to realize that about 90% of the difference between someone who’s really good with women and someone who’s not so good or mediocre with women, is the ability to spot a woman who’s ready to make out.

I know it sounds kind of crazy at first, but it’s true. If you walk into a bar and go up to any woman without knowing what signs to look for, your odds of success go WAY down.

You must know how to spot that woman who’s already in this “make-out ready” state, so you can walk up and be “that guy.”

ad 7

Don’t buy into the myth that women don’t want this to happen.

Women are as sexual (if not more sexual) than guys are. Most of the time, this “turbo” make-out session never happens, because so many guys are afraid to go for it. And when this doesn’t happen, the girls end up going home alone or worse.. staying being kind of mean to a lot of guys in the bar/being resentful and angry because no one’s approaching them.

By putting this technique into practice, You want to discover how to see the women who you’re able to make out with in 40 seconds or less in the first place.

There are a few excellent indicators that will (especially in a bar atmosphere) tell you if a woman is game, or ready for an instant make-out session.

What To Look For

The first indicator is a woman looking down often. When a woman looks down often, she is accessing her emotions.

Let me explain… When we look in different directions, we access different parts of our brain. These are called “Eye Accessing Cues.” When a woman is in a bar setting and looking down, she’s accessing her emotional brain.

If she makes eye contact with you, looks down then back up again, she’s saying: “I have an emotional response to you looking at me and I’m looking down.” And if she tilts her head down as well (and doesn’t just use her eyes to look down), she’s physically dropping herself a little bit lower and showing submission.

This gives you the ability to walk up and be the dominant man.

Now, if she looks at you, smiles and doesn’t look away, this could be a lot more difficult situation. Socially, she’s meeting you head on, and not showing immediate submission.

Women who you’re going to be able to walk up to and make out with in 40 seconds or less should automatically take the submissive role as a woman. That’s one quality which shows you’ll be able to quickly make out with her.

Another quality is that she’s actively looking around to make eye contact. This is crucial. A woman who is engaged with someone specifically and she’s not looking away is not going to be as easy to seduce in 40 seconds or less. It’s going to take much longer.

Again, you’re going to have to play a totally different kind of game when you walk up. You can’t just walk up and make out with her.

So instead, if you see a woman who is in a conversation but she’s constantly looking around and trying to make eye contact with a lot of people, this is probably a very, very likely opportunity for you and that’s a woman you can walk up to and immediately become sexual with.

Other traits are revealed in the way they’re moving and how they’re dressed. Let’s say she’s standing with her feet about shoulder-width apart. It’s less likely that a woman standing like this is going to be available for you to walk up and dominate. That’s because she’s standing in a dominant position, with stronger body language and she’ll probably be a lot more resistant.

Instead, you want to find a woman who takes up less space. She has her legs closer together and seems to be outside of a group, looking around a little bit.

Another thing is the way she’s dressed. If she’s dressed in a way that’s super flashy and attracting lots of attention, she probably isn’t the kind of girl you can walk up to and make out with in 40 seconds.

This kind of women is looking for attention – not for someone to dominate them. What you want is someone who’s in between “I don’t care” and “Stare at my tits, bitch!” Somewhere between wearing sweatpants with an elastic waistband to the bar and done up really, really beautiful and sexy with a really low-cut shirt. You want to find someone who’s in between those two extremes.

A lot of women who are on vacation fall into this realm. They don’t want to over dress or under dress, and don’t know how the bar atmosphere is going to be. They’ll usually come in open-minded, and start looking around trying to make connections. This is an excellent situation for you (and her, of course).

That’s what to look for and how you spot her in the first place. If you see some of those, you want to watch her for a second. If you think that she is the kind of person you can walk up to and do this, then proceed.

If not, I’d actually suggest you proceed anyway, just to see what happens.

Next, right after you get that done and you’ve seen your girl (there are probably three or four of these girls in a bar at any given moment) you’re going to walk up and start the scary part.

What To Do

This is where the most powerful kind of frame control comes in. It’s very, very important that you understand how to control someone else’s frame if you want to come across like you’re a pro at this.

By “frame,” I basically mean their “reality.” You’re controlling what they experience. You have to be able to stay in control of that experience in order to really bring her to the level where she feels comfortable making out with you immediately.

I’m going to give you a very quick, punchy, fast way of doing this. I’ll explain as quick as possible; that way you can go straight out and try it…

Here’s what I would say, word-for-word… Walk up to a girl, when you get up to her and right when she makes eye contact with you, I want you to SLOWLY put your finger up by your lips and say this, “Shhh…”

Then slow your speech pattern down and deepen your vocal tonality. And immediately say, “Wait just one moment.”

You can also say, “Stop for one minute.” I suggest using a bit of NLP here. Whenever someone hears “stop,” “wait,” or “don’t,” they immediately register whatever comes after that.

So if I say, “Don’t think of a black cat,” what do you do? Immediately, you think of a black cat and whatever version of one you have in your head.

So if I said, “Don’t try to make out with me,” or “Don’t make out with me right now,” girls are going to be consciously hearing, “Don’t make out with me,” but their subconscious minds will be hearing, “Make out with me right now!”

You’re attempting to sort of use real-life Inception to get making-out with you to be HER idea. She should be thinking, “I should make out with this guy.”

Now, during frame control you’ll be using a lot of these subconscious triggers in order to get this to go as fast as possible. Please only use this for good. There are lots of evil ways to use this.

Don’t try to seduce women who don’t want to be seduced. Again, that’s one of the reasons why it’s important that you notice a woman who really does want to be seduced by a man.

So to recap so far: you walk up, you put your finger over your lips and you tell her to “Shhh” for a second and then you say a sentence that starts with “don’t” or “wait” or “stop.”

My typical is “Don’t worry… right now.” That’s all I say. And I slow that speech down – “Don’t…worry………. right now.”

Then I go right into the next statement, which is, “You and I are going to have a secret. We’re going to secretly kiss and no one will know.”

And as I’m saying this, I’m leaning in… and you’ll be doing the same when you do it. You’re leaning in ever… so… slowly. At the same time, you’re looking from her eyes down to her lips and back up to her eyes again.

This is called “Triangulating.” Count to three looking at her eyes, then look down to her lips and count to two, look back up and count to three, look down and count to two… etc. Do that about three or four times as you’re talking.

This can be a lot to remember, so you may want to practice it a little bit. I wouldn’t expect you’re going to get it perfect the first time.

So again, you say, “We’re going to have a secret. We’re going to kiss and no one is going to know.” From here on out, you’re really just filling up space with words as you’re leaning in so you’re still controlling the interaction.

So you’re going to very, very slowly, take your right or left hand – whichever one is more accessible – and reach around her back. You won’t pull her in toward you or anything yet, just touch her very lightly.

Signs That It’s Working

Is she looking at your lips? If she’s looking at your lips, you have a green light to go forward. If she’s looking at your eyes, you may want to wait a second, or turn around and turn back again and try it again.

This resets the meter in her mind, so to speak. When you turn around and turn back again, most people consider this to be a fresh start in a conversation. It’s a strange loop-hole in psychology.

For some reason, that’s how we are as humans. When someone turns away then turns back, we give them another chance moving forward. So if you’re getting some resistance, turn around, turn back, smile, and continue. If she gives you resistance again, you probably should back off and find another woman.

If she’s looking at your lips and seems to be very comfortable and excited, then proceed. You’ll move in very closely and speak almost directly into her ear.


In a loud environment like a bar, you’ll want to speak louder, but don’t raise your voice. Make your voice very low so that you have to be very, very close to her ear for her to hear.

Then you’re going to keep talking… What I usually say is, “No one is going to see this. It’s just going to be our little secret. I promise I won’t tell anybody only if you promise that you won’t tell anybody either.”

As I’m saying this into her ear, I make sure that she’s feeling my breath on her neck. So I’m sort of breathing out a little bit more than normal as I’m speaking so she can feel that hot air on her neck.

This usually gets a very visceral, deep, sexual response from women when you do this.

As you’re speaking really close to her ear, you’ll, very slowly, press your cheek against hers as you’re talking. Then you’ll move you head over so that your mouth is closer to hers, and then… you’ll start kissing her.

And if you do this right, you start out with just one soft peck… then go straight into making out. It may not seem like it in this description, but 40 seconds is a long time. This process can happen in a lot less than 40 seconds – I’ve done it in less time, and I’ve seen other guys do it, too.

Practice It

What I want you to do is practice this approach. Maybe go for a minute or two at first, and then get to where you can do this in about 40 (or even 30) seconds.

You won’t use this tactic all the time. But when the opportunity is right, it’s really good to have this in your seduction arsenal. You want to make sure that you have the right kind of tools for the job, so to speak.

Whenever you see a girl who’s in that state and ready to be seduced, if you beat around the bush, engage in small talk or generally waste time, she’ll be turned off and you’ve lost a golden seduction opportunity.

Instead, when you spot this, you want to be able to see her, know that that’s what she wants, go in, and give it to her immediately. This is the major difference between guys who are rock stars at walking up and seducing a woman… and guys who wish that they were great at quickly seducing a woman.

There are a lot of other success factors as well. There are techniques on how to speak with the right tonality… how to touch her that allows her to feel comfortable and doesn’t turn off any of her weird alert switches… specific NLP triggers that you can use to connect and make sure she’s totally in your zone.

What’s taken me from a normal dude to a well-respected dating coach, is knowing a lot of short-cuts like this and knowing when to bring them out. And these short-cuts can also improve your game with women.

Remember these characteristics in women who want to be seduced, and remember – it is possible to make out with a woman in 40 seconds or less.

Discover Josh other top 3 “Seduction Secrets” in this special video presentation.


Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You

Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You

In today’s society, beauty, physical attraction, and sexuality are all commonly misunderstood as some transcendent inevitable fact; falsely interlocking the three makes it seem doubly true that in order to initiate attraction between a man and a woman, both sexes should be beautiful to be sexual.
  Of course, this is not true at all. The definitions of beautiful, attraction, and sexual constantly change to serve the social order, and the connection between the three ideas is a recent creation.

Most psychologists contend that the disparity among the concepts of beauty, attractions, and sexuality is based on the premise that both sexes are inclined to physical or sexual attraction because women are able to view men  as subjects for sexual and aesthetic evaluation.

In a recent survey conducted by an “evolutionary psychologist,” from 10,000 individuals who were interviewed, it was found out that men have high-regards to physical attraction in their sexual mates (women), while women attach all importance to prominence, goals, and monetary sources.

No wonder why most cases of attraction are all based on sexuality and physical attributes. This is because men and women would rather have their significant others physically and sexually capable of giving them their most desirable needs.

For instance, men are attracted to women who look good because this indicates excellent vigor and the capacity to produce offspring babies. On the other hand, women are attracted to men who look good because this indicates abundance in financial resources, in which, the ability to provide the basic necessities to their children is created.

The point here is that both men and women may have their own basis for attraction, but everything is somehow focused on the physical and material aspects. This is because attraction is associated with the fact that the physical attributes profoundly motivates that part of the brain known as the “hypothalamus” that will produce various kinds of reactions from the body such as sexual arousal, increased heart rate, and perspiration.

So the question now is: How can the individual identify the clear signs of attraction?

There are many probable actions that might suggest attraction. However, the real signs include but not limited to the following:

1. Visual contact

This is when both a man and a woman gazed upon each other and instantly prolonged the moment as they look at each other longer than the typical glance.

Both are completely immersed on each other’s anecdote, and every word will impress them both. All eyes are glued to each other that send a message that they are drawn to each other.

2. Preen

Preening means to adorn oneself carefully or to groom oneself with particular attention to details. Hence, attraction sets in when both would try to instantly make a quick fix and conquer each other’s space.

3. Flirting

Teasing could have been the more appropriate term for it. This is when both sexes converse in a relaxed manner, with bodily actions associated to their thoughts and feelings, where, most often than not, sexual tensions and arousal are the primary upshots.

4. Physical contact

This is when a woman leans to wards the man and places a modest hand on his hand or arm. In this way, the woman is trying to tell the other person that she is attracted to him and that she is open to possibilities that involve the concerned person.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that the asymmetry of the correlation among beauty, attraction, and sexuality that tells both men and women lies on how they both perceive each other’s physical attributes. This is inevitable because the lack of it will definitely keep them sexually estranged.

Attraction is generally focused on imagery that is exclusively on the physical attributes of both men and women, where the society has created a very important role. This goes to show that the signs of attraction indicate the clear identification of desirability.

Given all that, both men and women should make the choice, by and large, to take each other as human beings first and not just mere sexual objects.

It should be well noted that these signs of attraction may be confined on the premise that both men and women send out signs as a ticket to conquer each other’s space so as to start the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage. In the next post I will be reviewing  “Tao Badass” program that has helped thousand of men learn everything there is to know about women and what attracts them.

Todd P.

What Attracts Women?

What Attracts Women?

It has been a well accepted fact that most men are basically clueless to whatever it is that attracts women. In fact, some reports contend that women are so complicated to comprehend that even if men master how to decipher their body language, still, they just could not understand women, in one way or another.

According to studies, 3 out of 10 men are can attest that they really understand a women.

The remaining 7, you ask? They are out in the haystack finding needles. This means that almost 70% of the men population in the U.S. contends that whatever they do, they still could not figure out how to understand a women.

For this reason, men are having a difficult time trying to figure out what attracts women sexually and romantically in a relationship. six out of ten men attest that women are so unpredictable that what they thought women are attracted to, they immediately realized in the end that it is not the right things after all.

So for those who are still confused, dazed, and perplexed on what attracts women, here is a list that could serve as your guide if you want to know how to catch your girl’s attention:

1. Women are not normally attracted to “nice guys”

There are instances wherein some guys thought that in order to attract women, they must be good looking, smells really good, dress really good, and projects a goody-two-shoes image.

What these guys do not know is that, in reality, women are more attracted to men who project “bad-boy” image rather than those who are nice. This is because most women find nice guys relatively not exciting and uninteresting as compared to those who are funny and confident about themselves.

Recent surveys show that 30% of women value personality the most. Though, this does not necessarily mean that women prefer nice personalities. What women would rather have are men who have lovable personalities brought about by their sense of humor and confidence.

The point is that some clinical studies done to uncover the truth about men and women revealed that men are, generally, more concerned with their looks, while women are more into the character and the way men behave around women.

2. Women are attracted to things that cannot be initially seen by the naked eye.

This goes to show that innate things, those that are not constrained by physical boundaries and limitations are what really attract women. Women are more concerned with what they cannot see literally. This could refer to personality traits, behavior, and attitude.

No wonder why most women would rather date a man who has good personality even if the guy is not good looking or he does not have a car.

3. Women are more attracted to men who knows how to handle themselves quite well

The problem with most men is that they are very egoistic that they are more focused on what the public would see them.

On the contrary, women are not so much on what makes a man but rather on how man makes out of himself. For instance, women are not concerned on the physical attributes of a man but more on how the man takes care of his body.

Another example, if a particular man is rich and famous, it may hold some possible attraction between the man and a woman. However, this will not guarantee that women will opt to have the rich and famous for a relationship. If the woman will be able to perceive how this man manages his finances well, then, that is the only time the woman will pay attention to the guy.

The point here is that material things like wealth, looks, physical attributes, education, influence, power, etc., still do matter. However, it these do not necessarily mean that these things are everything that a man needs in order to be attractive to women.

The truth is that in order to attract women, men must, generally, have nice attitude and personality. It is only when men make women feel that whenever women are with them, they would feel safe and secured.

To Sum it all up, women and men view of the concept of attraction varies considerably. This goes to show that if ever a man would like to attract a particular woman, he should set aside his own point of view and interest, and instead, try to work out in order to catch the attention of the woman.

Todd P.